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Join the Conversation!

 I’ve been invited to participate as a panelist on SharePoint ShopTalk, a live, weekly interactive online discussion about all things SharePoint.  Most of the panelists are MVPs, people I respect greatly, so I take it as a great honor to be invited to join the panel.

 Come join the conversation every Thursday, from 12:30pm – 1:30pm EST.

You can also follow @SPShopTalk and join the Linkedin group.

I’ll be facilitating SharePoint Group Therapy on June 28th, and I’ll be available on the panel to answer questions as often as possible.

More posts about SharePoint.


Auto-Increment Workflow Screenshots

My most viewed post to date (it will hit 8,000 page views Wednesday), Add a Unique Auto-Incrementing Column to a SharePoint List, has generated a number of questions, including regarding specific steps for setting up the workflow.

Below you’ll find the (long promised) screenshots for the steps to build the list for auto-numbering solution and the workflow that goes with it.

Some quick information before I dive into the screenshots, a few words about unique IDs and the auto-numbering solution(s) I have created. (more…)

The Migration Begins

Yikes! The time has finally come to migrate our stuff from SharePoint 2007 into the new SharePoint 2010.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I’ve talked about how the existing environment was a mess.  Rather than upgrade the mess, our strategic decision was to use a third-party migration product to copy the relevant portions of existing environment into the new, better-organized one, putting things where they out to belong.

While our content database isn’t particularly large, this isn’t going to happen overnight, or even over a weekend.  There is an awful lot of mess to clean up.

So we are going to do it a baby step at a time. But that means there are tactical decisions that need to be made to allow the users to get their work done in the meantime…


User Friendly

Here is where the two paths meet.

As mentioned in the site description slug (under my picture to the right), in my guidance post, and in my Manifesto (of sorts) (and probably about a dozen other places on this blog), I am both a SharePoint administrator and a board member of a nonprofit that helps people become re-employed after losing their job. Some of my posts on this blog are about SharePoint, and some are about career management.

As part of my role in giving career management advice, I strongly encourage people to be involved with professional organizations, or to start one if there isn’t one in their area. As a SharePoint professional, I am a member of two area SharePoint user groups (one in Austin and one in San Antonio), as well as an attendee (and onetime board member) of other local technology organizations.  I’ve helped organize events, I’ve given presentations, and just plain volunteered to help set up, clean up, or do whatever was needed.  I also help other local organizations by promoting their meetings and events, even organizations whose technology focus is outside the range of my field.  I’ve seen a number of ways that organizations meet the needs of the members of their communities.

What I’d like to do is get your input about what the organizations that you are involved in or know of do to support their professional communities (regardless of whether that community is technical or not).  How is the group organized, what kinds of activities does it engage in, and what have you found to be the most effective of its activities?


SharePoint Saturday Austin – You Decide!

Yesterday I mentioned the possibility of speaking at SharePoint Saturday Austin.  Not long after posting that, I got the official word that I was in!

So I’ll be presenting, but there is bad news too… I had two topics I wanted to present, but they had som many submissions that each speaker will only get one slot.  The final decision of which presentation I’ll do has not been made, and I’m giving you a chance to help decide which one it will be! (more…)

Speak Up!

At the end of September, I spoke at Launch Pad Job Club about ways to make yourself a better candidate for that new job you want.  One of the major points was to be active, to take advantage of opportunities to volunteer, raise your profile, and interact with people, whether or not you are currently employed.

In the spirit of “eating my own dog food“, I have several speaking engagements coming up. (more…)

Donate Your Twitter Account?

One of the ways we have been trying to promote Launch Pad Job Club has been through social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, and, of course , Twitter.  Our Twitter account is @LaunchPadJobClu (yes, there is no “b” at the end, Twitter has a length limitation on user names, and LPJC was already taken).

As a twitter user, your followers are different (by and large) from my followers.  This statement is true for any values of “you” and “me”.  There may be some overlap, more likely a greater level of overlap if we follow each other or both follow similar people, but you and I are highly unlikely to have exactly the same followers.

Let’s say, for the sake of discussion that there is an organization whose work I believe in.  I follow that organization’s twitter account.  They tweet something that I want to share with my followers.  I click the retweet button (or I copy and paste the tweet text into a new tweet) and share it with my followers.  For people who do not follow the organization, I get to expose them to the organization’s message.  For people who do follow the organization, they get a second chance to see the tweet that they might have overlooked (tweets being the ephemeral things they are).

If lots of people retweet what the organization tweeted, their message is magnified greatly to an audience far larger than just those who follow them (and were paying attention at the moment of the tweet).

This is what Donate Your Account is all about.  (more…)

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