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I’ll be speaking at SPTechCon in February!

Check out the lineup of other speakers too!

Hi Jim,

The next SharePoint Conference, SPTechCon, is coming up Feb 8-11 in rockin’ Austin Texas! Registration is open now, and until November 7 it costs just $1,095 for four days of SharePoint awesomeness!

Here’s the initial lineup of classes and speakers
all thoroughly vetted for technical and communications excellence!!



Speaking, Other Events, and a Little Housekeeping

I wanted to let everyone know about upcoming events and apologize for being so silent for a while around here.

There is a reason for this (and I’ll share a secret about it after the cut), but first I want to give you a look at the things I have coming up.

  • Innotech Austin, Wednesday October 16
  • SharePoint Shop Talk, Thursday October 17
  • American Heart Association Austin Heart Walk 2013, Saturday October 19
  • SharePoint Saturday Dallas, Saturday November 2

Details and a secret shared after the cut… (more…)

SharePoint Saturday San Antonio 2012

I have been busier of late than I could have imagined, so there has been a distinct lack of updates around here.  But I did want to let you know that I will be speaking at SharePoint Saturday San Antonio this weekend, presenting SharePoint Group Therapy (A SharePoint Governance Workshop).  This is the fourth time I’ve run this session – I’ve done it at SharePoint Satuday in Austin and Houston this year, as well as on SharePoint ShopTalk.

As in Houston, my session is right after lunch, so my challenge will be keep everyone awake.  Since the session is interactive, that shouldn’t be a problem!

See you in San Antonio!

Recovery Sunday – A SharePoint Saturday Retrospective

Saturday was SharePoint Saturday Houston, and what a terrific SPS it was!

This was my fifth SharePoint Saturday, and my second in Houston, having gone to the one in 2010.  It was also my second to present my SharePoint Governance session, SharePoint Group Therapy, which I first presented in Austin back in January.  SPS Houston is actually smaller than the Austin one in terms of number of sessions, which is odd given that the Houston user group is so much larger than the Austin one.  The food and venue were again excellent.

In 2010 I went with one co-worker, this year I went with five!  After a minor parking issue here in Austin as we got ready to carpool, we arrived in Houston in time for the start of the keynote.  And that was when the first delightful thing happened.  I was walking from the speaker’s room to the bathroom when I was stopped by one of the attendees.  “Hey, aren’t you that guy that does the blog?” (more…)

The Voting Is Over, And The Winner Is…

With 10 days to go until SharePoint Saturday Austin, and the Central Texas SharePoint User Group meeting this evening, it is time to close the voting and announce the winner…

In November the speaker lineup for SharePoint Saturday Austin was announced, and I was fortunate enough to have made the cut.  I had submitted two topic proposals, but there were som many great speakers that wanted to present at SharePoint Saturday Austin that each speaker was limited to a single presentation. 

So I left it up to you, my readers, to decide which topic you would rather see. 

The voting has been close, but one topic did finally pull ahead.  So now here is the topic I will be presenting January 21 at SharePoint Saturday Austin:

SharePoint Group Therapy (A SharePoint Governance Workshop)

This session is intended for Business stakeholders and SharePoint administrators. 

Do your users complain about the usability of your SharePoint?  Do you suffer from site proliferation?  Rights management issues?  Content inaccuracy and staleness?  Can you easily tell who owns the content of a particular site or list?  Do you have rogue SharePoint servers in your environment?  Is your SharePoint out of control?

Then you might benefit from SharePoint Group Therapy.

At the very least, this session will give you a free hour of group therapy, as you will have a chance to vent about your (SharePoint) problems in a roomful of sympathetic listeners.

I’ll play therapist and help move participants past their trauma and regain a sense of control through Governance.

This session is structured as a workshop, with participants interacting with each other in what should be a lively, opinionated discussion of what SharePoint Governance should be, and how it should work. 

Since the goal of therapy is to actually make things better, you should bring your questions about SharePoint Governance and aligning your business objectives with SharePoint, and I’ll try to help you get answers.

  • What problems are you having in your current environment?
  • What fears do you have about implementing governance?
  • What fears do you have about implementing SharePoint?

Participants should be prepared to share personal experiences with SharePoint governance and its absence.  We’ll talk about roles and responsibilities, stakeholder involvement, and fitting your organizational culture. We’ll also talk about changing your organizational culture using both carrots and sticks – training, enforcement and business alignment.

Business alignment can be seen as the marriage of IT and business objectives.  Every marriage has its rocky moments, and sometimes a therapist is needed to resolve those issues.  Perhaps your marriage could benefit from a little SharePoint Group Therapy?

So there you have it.  Thanks to everyone for your input, and I’ll see you next Saturday!

SharePoint Governance on EndUserSharepoint

My series on SharePoint Governance has been reprinted on EndUserSharepoint.

Over the last several weeks, Natasha Felshman over at has been reposting my series, and doing a great job of catching my occasional typos. I appreciate all her efforts to get the job done well!

I’m pleased that so many have found my experience developing a governance plan for SharePoint worth reading, tweeting about (and reposting)!

You can read the series either here or on EUSP, but read them you must!

Read the whole series on SharePoint Governance:
Part One: SharePoint Governance –
Working It Out  EndUserSharePoint
Part Two: SharePoint Governance –
What is it?
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Part Three:  SharePoint Governance –
vs Organizational Culture
Working It Out EndUserSharePoint
Part Four: SharePoint Governance –
Your Plan, on a Silver Platter  
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Part Five: SharePoint Governance –
Law & Order
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SharePoint Governance – Law & Order

There’s a new sheriff in town.

Governance has become a hot topic in the SharePoint community.  This is my fifth installment exploring the topic.

In my first installment, I talked about Why SharePoint Governance is a hot topic (basically because without governance, you will have a mess).  Next, I talked about What SharePoint Governance is, or can be (more than just “Thou shalt not”!).  Then I talked about the challenges to good governance that lurk in your organizational culture.  In my last post, I enticed readers with wild, impossible promises of providing them their own governance plan, on a silver platter.

Last time, I said “The only thing worse than having no governance plan is having one that no one pays any attention to – you’ve put in all the time and work but still have the same results”, and talked about making the structure of the plan work for us in our environment.  There are other things we are doing to sugar-coat the process, and provide incentives for buy-in. (more…)

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