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A Manifesto, of sorts…

My career has been a long and winding road.

In my “former lives” I have been a plumber, a salesman, and a bookstore manager.  About a decade ago, I decided to embark on a technology career.  I started out doing system support, putting my time in at the bottom doing basic tech support.  From there I moved into web development.

More recently I have been working with Microsoft’s SharePoint platform, work which combines system administration and web development skills.

I have gone where my career has taken me, doing what has caught my interest at the time.  There were many good things about the experiences I gained (including working with SharePoint), and, while the economy was good, everything went pretty well.

But then the economy tanked, and things stopped moving so smoothly.  I’d been operating without a real plan, and, as they say, “If you fail to plan…”

So recently I decided to be a little more involved in directing my career.  After all, I’m not looking for my next layoff, I’m trying to build a career.

This blog is part of my journey.  In it, I will be discussing SharePoint, .Net web development and other areas of technical interest, but I will also be focusing on lessons learned in the job search, and making my work life less about series of jobs and more about building my career.

(For those of you who do not know what SharePoint is, check this out: SharePoint in Plain English)

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