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Warning: PowerShell Won’t Throw An Error When You Are About to Kill Your Web Application

Here is a little gotcha that PowerShell and SharePoint hit me with.

PowerShell will not return an error when you assign a user account to a SharePoint web application if the user does not exist or has been entered incorrectly. However, after an IIS reset, your SharePoint site fails and returns an error.

User does not exist or Is not unique

Symptom:  SharePoint will not serve any content when you browse a site.  Instead, the site displays the following error:

Error: The user does not exist or is not unique.


Warning messages appeared in the server logs indicating that the web cache is not configured correctly: (more…)


Convert .ppt to .pptx Using PowerShell

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been working a lot with PowwerShell recently.

Since I am just learning my way around, I have been doing a lot of really cool but really derivative scripts, or the scripts have been too requirements-specific to be of much general use and, in my opinion, to be worth posting.

But we had a requirement to upgrade Office 2007 files to the Office 2010 formats that there wasn’t a specific template that I could find with Google. (more…)

Quick Fix: User With Contribute Permissions Can’t Upload .swf to SharePoint 2010?

When a user with contribute permissions tries to upload a .swf file to SharePoint 2010 library, they get the following error message after the upload appears to complete:

Error: Access Denied

There is a list of file types, including shockwave files, that users with Contribute permissions cannot submit to SharePoint libraries.  In order to be able to submit these files to libraries, the user has to have higher-level permissions (like Design).  But these files are not in the blocked file types list found in Central Administration (http://YourCentralAdminURL/_admin/BlockedFileType.aspx).  What gives?

I provide the answer and a PowerShell script to solve the problem. (more…)

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