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New Post at!

I started at the end of January with a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm, and then life pulled me in other directions for a while.  Now I’ve finally posted the next question, “How do we get started with SharePoint governance?”

Head on over to SharePointTherapist and give it a read, then weigh in with your opinion in the comments!


Announcing the Launch of!

This past weekend was SharePoint Saturday Austin for 2012, Austin’s first SharePoint Saturday.

There is no doubt there will be one for 2013, given that this was rated to be one of the best SharePoint Saturday events ever.  Many thanks to Jim Bob and Matt who did a stellar job of putting together a real classy event and setting the bar for other events.

My part in this production went very well also.  My session, SharePoint Group Therapy (A SharePoint Governance Workshop), while lightly attended (hey, I was up against Bill English, and if I hadn’t been speaking I would have been in his session too!) was highly regarded by the attendees present.  So much so that I have decided to launch

The idea is to replicate, as best as possible on the web, the collaborative environment of the workshop where anyone can bring their SharePoint issues and questions and get answers from myself and anyone else in the community who wants to participate.  Unlike other existing venues, this will be focused around governance issues rather than technical ones. 

So if you have problems in your current environment, fears about implementing governance, or fears about implementing SharePoint, bring them to the SharePoint Therapist.

I’m also planning on taking my session on the road to other SharePoint Saturdays and other SharePoint events.

Web Part Pages Best Practice

Just a short post following up on both Error: Cannot Complete This Action and Error: The website declined to show this webpage HTTP 403.

When adding web parts on a web part page, users should be encouraged to use unique and descriptive names for the web parts.  (Such encouragement shouldn’t leave bruises where they would show.)

When encountering a problem with a web part that causes a need to go to the Web Part Page Maintenance page, it helps to be able to ask “Which web part did you add just before getting the error?” and get a title that is not one of five identically titled web parts.

Unique names, please!

More posts about SharePoint.

What’s Missing From Your Disaster Planning – A SharePoint Best Practice

This was an interesting thought brought up by SharePoint MVP Matthew McDermott at the recent Central Texas SharePoint User Group meeting.

You’ve got your SharePoint farm on replicated virtual servers with failover redundancy, your SQL servers are clustered, all of your drives are in RAID arrays, backups of your data are close at hand AND offsite, and everything is duplicated offsite at a collocation facility in case your office burns to the ground.

But you are still missing something from your planning.


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