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“Hacking” the URL

This is primarily for the stats nerds using WordPress, though the general principles can be applied all over the internet, wherever query strings are used. The issue in this case is the default display of only the top 10 referrers from any webserver. I was shown, by a helpful WordPress developer, a trick to see all of the referrers under an aggregation rather than just the top ten, by adding a parameter to the query string on your stats page.


Publishing InfoPath Forms to SharePoint

My articles, “Publish an InfoPath Form to Multiple SharePoint Sites” and its no-code companion, “A No-Code Solution to Host an InfoPath Form in Multiple SharePoint Sites”, have generated a lot more traffic than just about any other post I’ve made (excepting my post about a minor tweak for IE8).

Looking at the search traffic on my WordPress dashboard, I can get a picture of the kinds of things people are searching for and the information they are lacking when they click to my articles. This post is a response to your queries, and hopefully will answer some of your questions.

I’m going to start with some really basic information, and we’ll move quickly up to more complicated ideas. If you have some idea about InfoPath already, stick with me, because I think you will get some meaty info pretty quickly.

Ohhhhh! So that’s what you mean!

Just a quick post today. 

One of the important things for a job seeker skill holder to remember about their elevator pitch when writing it is to avoid jargon.  If you aren’t aware, you should have a 15-30 second statement about who you are and what you do, hopefully with something memorable, a hook, to interest your listener or make you memorable.  In my case, I want people I meet in networking situations to think of me whenever the subject of “SharePoint” is brought up. 

But SharePoint is such a big application with so many different uses and functions that it can be difficult to describe in that short time, especially if the listener is unfamiliar with SharePoint.

Well, Microsoft and CommonCraft have created a short video that explains what SharePoint is and some of the things it can do for those who don’t know.  It’s quick, informative, and even a bit entertaining.

It is similar to another CommonCraft video, explaining Twitter.  Great job guys!

New: Video posted in the comments below!

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Free SharePoint Training

And since I’m all about the free resources….

Recently some resources for free online SharePoint training came across the Twittersphere.  I fgure that it would be handy to gather them up in one place, along with some others I already knew about.


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