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Donate Your Twitter Account?

One of the ways we have been trying to promote Launch Pad Job Club has been through social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, and, of course , Twitter.  Our Twitter account is @LaunchPadJobClu (yes, there is no “b” at the end, Twitter has a length limitation on user names, and LPJC was already taken).

As a twitter user, your followers are different (by and large) from my followers.  This statement is true for any values of “you” and “me”.  There may be some overlap, more likely a greater level of overlap if we follow each other or both follow similar people, but you and I are highly unlikely to have exactly the same followers.

Let’s say, for the sake of discussion that there is an organization whose work I believe in.  I follow that organization’s twitter account.  They tweet something that I want to share with my followers.  I click the retweet button (or I copy and paste the tweet text into a new tweet) and share it with my followers.  For people who do not follow the organization, I get to expose them to the organization’s message.  For people who do follow the organization, they get a second chance to see the tweet that they might have overlooked (tweets being the ephemeral things they are).

If lots of people retweet what the organization tweeted, their message is magnified greatly to an audience far larger than just those who follow them (and were paying attention at the moment of the tweet).

This is what Donate Your Account is all about.  (more…)


“He who sells first, loses”

One of the primary rules in social media marketing is “He who sells first, loses”.

I read this somewhere, and for the life of me I can no longer find the place where I found the quote. I’d love to give credit where credit is due, but I can’t. Best I can do is say “I am not the originator of the phrase,” and let it go at that. But I have frequently used that phrase.

But what I can do is expound on the concept, and tell you how I understand the phrase.  Hopefully you will enjoy my fun hypothetical example…


Secrets of the Successful Jobseeker – Part 2

Continuing my daily series revealing the “secrets” to a successful job hunt.

Last time I revealed what I know about resumes. Today’s subject is “Every Breath You Take”, in which I trash a widely held belief about the job hunt…


Social Media and the Attention Hog (Me! Me, me, ME!!!!)

Gee, marketing myself by saying something provocative like “Come see my most controversial post ever” really delivered the eyeballs!  Who knew?

Well, actually I kinda had that figured before I went and did it…

Saying something provocative is only one of many kinds of social marketing stunts.  Of course, you can pull those stunts only so often (and I certainly can’t pull the same stunt again anytime soon).

But more importantly, when you pull a marketing stunt, you had better deliver the goods.


Drinking from the firehose, several states away…

#SPC09 is finally here, and with it, all of the details about SharePoint 2010.

The SharePoint Conference, held this week in Las Vegas, is the focus of the world’s attention (if you set the value of  “the world” equal to the subset “everyone interested in SharePoint”).  Until today, the details of much of the new version of SharePoint were subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements, so the people with access to the early versions of the program, the details of the development, and feature lists were prohibited from speaking about what they knew.


Ohhhhh! So that’s what you mean!

Just a quick post today. 

One of the important things for a job seeker skill holder to remember about their elevator pitch when writing it is to avoid jargon.  If you aren’t aware, you should have a 15-30 second statement about who you are and what you do, hopefully with something memorable, a hook, to interest your listener or make you memorable.  In my case, I want people I meet in networking situations to think of me whenever the subject of “SharePoint” is brought up. 

But SharePoint is such a big application with so many different uses and functions that it can be difficult to describe in that short time, especially if the listener is unfamiliar with SharePoint.

Well, Microsoft and CommonCraft have created a short video that explains what SharePoint is and some of the things it can do for those who don’t know.  It’s quick, informative, and even a bit entertaining.

It is similar to another CommonCraft video, explaining Twitter.  Great job guys!

New: Video posted in the comments below!

More posts about SharePoint.

The RIGHT way to use Twitter – #TweetCampSA

Everyone seems to agree that there is a right way and a wrong way to use Twitter.

One thing I learned from TweetCamp San Antonio is that no one seems to be able to agree on what exactly the right way consists of.


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