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New Post at!

I started at the end of January with a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm, and then life pulled me in other directions for a while.  Now I’ve finally posted the next question, “How do we get started with SharePoint governance?”

Head on over to SharePointTherapist and give it a read, then weigh in with your opinion in the comments!


Three Years Ago Today

I started Working It Out three years ago today.

This is true in both the literal sense (starting a blog named Working It Out) and the metaphorical sense as well (for more information on that, see my recent post Don’t Just Get A Job, Build A Career (Lessons Learned Building a Career, Part Three of Infinity)).

My third year of blogging has been an exciting time. 37 new posts and pages, bringing my total to 125. Over 45,000 page views, bringing my total to 67,701 (not including the over 1000 spam clicks). A lot of great stuff happened to make those numbers happen. My series on SharePoint Governance debuted and was republished on NothingButSharePoint. The success of that series led to the creation of, by way of my SharePoint Group Therapy sessions at SharePoint Saturday Austin and SharePoint Saturday Houston. I did quite a bit of other public speaking, both on SharePoint and career management, and I wrote a lot about my presentations. The success of the Year Two post Add a Unique Auto-Incrementing Column to a SharePoint List led to two follow-up posts.  And a couple of run-ins with malware yielded two surprisingly popular posts.

When Year Two ended, only one page had over 1000 hits. Now 15 are on that list, and one of those has over 10,000 hits.  Three of those 15 were written during Year Three.  Here are those top 15 posts: (more…)

Speaking at #SPSHou, and a Status Update

While things here at Working It Out have been quiet on the surface for the last month or so, it has only been because things have been so very busy everywhere else.

SharePoint Saturday Houston & SharePoint Group Therapy

First of all, I will be speaking at SharePoint Saturday Houston this coming Saturday.  I’ll be running my SharePoint Governance workshop, “SharePoint Group Therapy“, like I did at SharePoint Saturday Austin earlier this year.  If you are in Houston and have SharePoint governance questions you want answered, or issues you want some help resolving, or you feel like helping others with their issues or questions, be sure to attend my session.

My Career Journey

Second, after interviewing several potential candidates for the role, I have selected my new employer.  While all of my suitors were desirable places to work and I hope to be able to work with them later in my career, a combination of timing, the challenges offered, and the chance to work with some folks I know and some I have worked with in the past all contributed to my choice.  I appreciate the time and effort over the last several months that each of the other companies put into working with me to match their needs, my talents, and their opportunities!

As you might imagine, between wrapping up my previous projects and evaluating my next opportunities and challenges, I have fallen behind in posting new content for you.  Over the next several weeks, I will be posting new content, including material I have been puttering around with for a while, but as you can imagine, jumping into a new environment also presents challenges to my schedule, so please bear with me as I acclimate to my new environment.

Other Speaking Engagements

I did get an opportunity to indulge one of my other passions during the past month – speaking to the Austin North-by-Northwest job club about some of the investments that are key to long-term career management.  As per my new M.O., the presentation was extemporaneous, without PowerPoint slides, and as always hammering home some of my favorite advice about your job search.  I used examples of things that I had done that had paid off in making this job transition a matter of choice rather than one of panic and desperation, which I think made the points a little clearer.

Site Traffic

It has been so busy this year that I never got around to doing a 2011 year-end wrap-up, and here we are over a quarter of the way through 2012, so I guess that point is moot.  In the time since, several milestones were hit and went by unremarked because of how busy things have been.  In February, I completed my first 1000 days of blogging with my biggest month so far.  March blew the doors off February, with 6,809 page views, more page views than I got during my first 365 days of blogging.  Naturally, this period included my biggest week to date, by a huge margin, thanks in part to some malware that I learned how to exterminate the hard way.  But my difficulties made the lives of others easier, so, even though malware hunting isn’t my primary role, I feel justified in taking some pride.

Naturally, a post that contributes so much to the bog’s bottom line has its own laurels, as the post that reached 1000 page views the quickest – 12 days.  Three other posts joined the 1k+ page views club, and the leader of the pack, Add a Unique Auto-Incrementing Column to a SharePoint List surpassed twelve thousand page views.

Those are the highlights of the recent developments, and since I am coming up on the end of my third year of blogging, I’ll have more detailed coverage then for those who are interested.

Announcing the Launch of!

This past weekend was SharePoint Saturday Austin for 2012, Austin’s first SharePoint Saturday.

There is no doubt there will be one for 2013, given that this was rated to be one of the best SharePoint Saturday events ever.  Many thanks to Jim Bob and Matt who did a stellar job of putting together a real classy event and setting the bar for other events.

My part in this production went very well also.  My session, SharePoint Group Therapy (A SharePoint Governance Workshop), while lightly attended (hey, I was up against Bill English, and if I hadn’t been speaking I would have been in his session too!) was highly regarded by the attendees present.  So much so that I have decided to launch

The idea is to replicate, as best as possible on the web, the collaborative environment of the workshop where anyone can bring their SharePoint issues and questions and get answers from myself and anyone else in the community who wants to participate.  Unlike other existing venues, this will be focused around governance issues rather than technical ones. 

So if you have problems in your current environment, fears about implementing governance, or fears about implementing SharePoint, bring them to the SharePoint Therapist.

I’m also planning on taking my session on the road to other SharePoint Saturdays and other SharePoint events.

SOPA Blackout January 18

I will be joining the website blackout that Reddit is planning on January 18 and that Wikipedia is considering joining HAS JOINED the protest with dozens if not hundreds of others who have already joined in protest of SOPA.

I apologize for any inconvenience that you suffer because you are unable to read the promised goodies on my site that teh interwebz have promised you and tantalized you with via whatever search engine caused you to find my blog.

I’ll be back the 19th.

As the saying goes (at least here in the US), “Had this been an actual emergency,” there would be no guarantee that the site would return a day later.

In brief, the SOPA law would allow the takedown of any website accused of copyright violation, without due process. No one would need to prove that an actual violation had occurred, the accusation itself would be enough. While I am careful to give credit where it is due (after all, I don’t live in a vacuum, and while my ideas are sometimes clever, the are often rooted in work someone else has done), and to honor the copyrights of others, any site is vulnerable if this misguided law is enacted.

Copyright violations are a real problem, but SOPA is not a real solution.

Here endeth the SOPA soapbox.

How Is Your Online Resume Doing?

Mine is doing great, thanks for asking.  I posted my résumé on my blog two years and a little bit less than one month ago. Since then I have gotten over 1000 hits.   That’s pretty impressive, since I am employed and not actively promoting myself for a job!

Of the other one hundred (exactly) posts and pages on my blog, only five other posts have more hits.  One out of every 32 page views on my blog is a visit to my résumé.

Seriously – how much work would it be for you to send your résumé out and get a thousand people to look at it?  You  would have to send out a lot more than a thousand copies, I’ll tell you that!

With your résumé on a blog you get search visibility – your résumé is findable on the web, where recruiters (both internal and external) are searching, and you get to see what search terms they are using to find you.

I wrote extensively about getting your résumé out on the internet here.

Right now, recruiters are working with a reduced budget, so they aren’t paying for services like Monster, Hot Jobs and Careerbuilder, et al. So much so that Hot Jobs has collapsed and Yahoo sold it to Monster. Instead, recruiters are firing up their browsers and searching for candidates via Google, or are using LinkedIn, both of which are free to both candidates and recruiters. When they do this, if they can’t find you, you are out of the running for that job.

Another advantage of having your résumé on a blog is the feedback you get from stats and search terms used to find your résumé.

And when the blog you have your résumé posted on is related to your career, you have the added bonus of being able to validate your résumé claims with the things you write about, should the reader of your résumé be intrigued enough to want to know more.

My résumé has been seen by over a thousand people without me having send it to anyone.  Is your résumé working as hard for you?

Jim Adcock is Vice President of Launch Pad Job Club, an organization in Austin, Texas, whose mission is help people who have lost their jobs to get the skills they need to land their next job, and to help them cope with the interim between jobs. Check out other career-related entries.

SharePoint Governance on EndUserSharepoint

My series on SharePoint Governance has been reprinted on EndUserSharepoint.

Over the last several weeks, Natasha Felshman over at has been reposting my series, and doing a great job of catching my occasional typos. I appreciate all her efforts to get the job done well!

I’m pleased that so many have found my experience developing a governance plan for SharePoint worth reading, tweeting about (and reposting)!

You can read the series either here or on EUSP, but read them you must!

Read the whole series on SharePoint Governance:
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vs Organizational Culture
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