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I’ll be speaking at SPTechCon in February!

Check out the lineup of other speakers too!

Hi Jim,

The next SharePoint Conference, SPTechCon, is coming up Feb 8-11 in rockin’ Austin Texas! Registration is open now, and until November 7 it costs just $1,095 for four days of SharePoint awesomeness!

Here’s the initial lineup of classes and speakers
all thoroughly vetted for technical and communications excellence!!


#SP24 – The 24-hour online #SharePoint conference!

For 24 hours starting April 16, you will have no opportunity to sleep as 96 presenters, myself included, provide you with four tracks each with 24 one-hour SharePoint goodness.

I’ll once again be presenting Movin’ On Up – A SharePoint Migration Case Study. You may have already seen me present this in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or online on SharePoint ShopTalk. But as the migration project is ongoing, I’ve learned new things, so there is a lot of new material that has been added since the earliest version of the presentation.

Here is my promo video for SP24:

Another thing that makes this session cool is that it will be pre-recorded, not live. (Half of the sessions will be pre-recorded, the other half will be live presentations.)  So why is THAT cool? Because, while virtual me is talking about the migration plans, real-live me will be available to answer questions real-time. It will be like being in two places at once, getting twice as much done. Heck, it’s even better than having a clone, because you’d have to feed the clone!

If you aren’t one of the over 4000 people who have already signed up, you can do that here.

Did I mention that SP24 is FREE?!?!?

See you at SP24!

Been Busy, Getting Busier – Houston, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Upgrade!

I’ve been pretty busy, learning the ropes at my new employer, finishing my book, and preparing yet again for a migration from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013.

It is that last one that is making me even more busy.

I’ll be in Houston on February 19 at the Houston SharePoint User Group giving an updated version of my talk, Movin’ On Up – A SharePoint 2013 Migration Case Study.  In Houston?  Sign up HERE.

The following week, I’ll be in San Antonio for the San Antonio SharePoint User Group to do it again. In San Antonio on the 25th?  Sign up HERE.

The week after that is the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas.  If you’ll be there, let me know and I’d love to meet up with you!

And the week after that, we roll out SharePoint 2013 to the users here at Dynamic Systems.

And after that?  Publication of my book.


Speaking, Other Events, and a Little Housekeeping

I wanted to let everyone know about upcoming events and apologize for being so silent for a while around here.

There is a reason for this (and I’ll share a secret about it after the cut), but first I want to give you a look at the things I have coming up.

  • Innotech Austin, Wednesday October 16
  • SharePoint Shop Talk, Thursday October 17
  • American Heart Association Austin Heart Walk 2013, Saturday October 19
  • SharePoint Saturday Dallas, Saturday November 2

Details and a secret shared after the cut… (more…)

Movin’ On Up – A SharePoint 2013 Migration Case Study

I recently had an opportunity to lead an effort to create an upgrade plan for a company that was on SharePoint 2007 and wanted to take advantage of the features of SharePoint 2013.

Last night, at the Austin SharePoint User Group meeting, I presented an overview of the process of creating the plan, as well as a look at some of the plan documents – the proposed project schedule, recommended security options, system and information architecture recommendations, and lists of decisions the governance committee and other stakeholders would need to make.

The presentation went very well, particularly because the audience of about 30 had excellent questions during and after the presentation, which led to some lively discussion.

The Title

Movin’ On Up came from the theme song from the television show The Jeffersons.  The 1970’s situation comedy was about an affluent Black family who moved into a more upper-class neighborhood than they had been living in previously. Much of the show revolved around characters not really knowing how to deal with their new neighbors. They were used to things being a certain way, and were uncomfortable adapting to the changes introduced by the Jeffersons’ newfound upward mobility.

Similarly, I felt that the client was going to have some discomfort during the upgrade process, as the users got used to new ways of doing things, and dealing with change. Consequently, a significant portion of the middle of the presentation is a rough draft of a presentation for the kickoff meeting with the stakeholders, to get them onboard with the upgrade plans and invested in its success.

The Presentation

If you have any questions or comments, ask in the comments below!

Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Houston – Group Therapy Returns!

A week to go until SharePoint Saturday Houston 2013, and I have been selected as a speaker!

Once again, I’ll be presenting SharePoint Group Therapy – A SharePoint Governance Workshop.

Bring your SharePoint governance issues and questions, we’ll work as a group to resolve your issues and help you gain control and drive user adoption.

Business alignment can be seen as the marriage of IT and business objectives. Every marriage has its rocky moments, and sometimes a therapist is needed to resolve those issues. Perhaps your marriage could benefit from a little SharePoint Group Therapy?

See you in Houston!

Get More from SPD Workflows – #spsatx 2013

Slides from my Lightning Talk at SharePoint Saturday Austin March 2, 2013.

Last year I learned to dislike slides, but I wanted to have the information in a format that attendees could refer back to, especially since I had to cover so much ground in so short a time.

Why do I dislike slides?

SharePoint Saturday San Antonio 2012

I have been busier of late than I could have imagined, so there has been a distinct lack of updates around here.  But I did want to let you know that I will be speaking at SharePoint Saturday San Antonio this weekend, presenting SharePoint Group Therapy (A SharePoint Governance Workshop).  This is the fourth time I’ve run this session – I’ve done it at SharePoint Satuday in Austin and Houston this year, as well as on SharePoint ShopTalk.

As in Houston, my session is right after lunch, so my challenge will be keep everyone awake.  Since the session is interactive, that shouldn’t be a problem!

See you in San Antonio!

Join the Conversation!

 I’ve been invited to participate as a panelist on SharePoint ShopTalk, a live, weekly interactive online discussion about all things SharePoint.  Most of the panelists are MVPs, people I respect greatly, so I take it as a great honor to be invited to join the panel.

 Come join the conversation every Thursday, from 12:30pm – 1:30pm EST.

You can also follow @SPShopTalk and join the Linkedin group.

I’ll be facilitating SharePoint Group Therapy on June 28th, and I’ll be available on the panel to answer questions as often as possible.

More posts about SharePoint.

Don’t Just Get A Job, Build A Career (Lessons Learned Building a Career, Part Three of Infinity)

In April, I gave a presentation to the North-by-Northwest Job Clublet (NxNW) called “Don’t Just Get A Job, Build A Career”, regarding the long-term investments that I used to make a difference in managing my career successfully.

What follows is broadly what I spoke about, updated because the events that were ongoing at that moment finally did reach their conclusion.  I’ve talked about all of these things before, and they aren’t even ideas original to me, but I think it is helpful to look at these long-term strategies from the perspective of things that paid off after three years of investment.


Learning From Teaching – Moments of Power

February 6th I was at the Stephen Ministry group at First English Lutheran Church presenting “Tools, Techniques and Resources for Supporting and Guiding the Disemployed Back to Employment” (re-scheduled from November).

I have given this presentation before, at the Stephen Ministry group at St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, and gave a modified version of this for Launch Pad Job Club, entitled “What I Did on My Summer Vacation”.

Over time, I have become more and more in favor of speaking without using slides.  None of my presentations are particularly slide-heavy, but this time I went completely without slides, and just talked.

In doing so, I discovered new things about my presentation, and rediscovered others, and in the process discovered something that I wanted to share with you about managing your career.


Recovery Sunday – A SharePoint Saturday Retrospective

Saturday was SharePoint Saturday Houston, and what a terrific SPS it was!

This was my fifth SharePoint Saturday, and my second in Houston, having gone to the one in 2010.  It was also my second to present my SharePoint Governance session, SharePoint Group Therapy, which I first presented in Austin back in January.  SPS Houston is actually smaller than the Austin one in terms of number of sessions, which is odd given that the Houston user group is so much larger than the Austin one.  The food and venue were again excellent.

In 2010 I went with one co-worker, this year I went with five!  After a minor parking issue here in Austin as we got ready to carpool, we arrived in Houston in time for the start of the keynote.  And that was when the first delightful thing happened.  I was walking from the speaker’s room to the bathroom when I was stopped by one of the attendees.  “Hey, aren’t you that guy that does the blog?” (more…)

Speaking at #SPSHou, and a Status Update

While things here at Working It Out have been quiet on the surface for the last month or so, it has only been because things have been so very busy everywhere else.

SharePoint Saturday Houston & SharePoint Group Therapy

First of all, I will be speaking at SharePoint Saturday Houston this coming Saturday.  I’ll be running my SharePoint Governance workshop, “SharePoint Group Therapy“, like I did at SharePoint Saturday Austin earlier this year.  If you are in Houston and have SharePoint governance questions you want answered, or issues you want some help resolving, or you feel like helping others with their issues or questions, be sure to attend my session.

My Career Journey

Second, after interviewing several potential candidates for the role, I have selected my new employer.  While all of my suitors were desirable places to work and I hope to be able to work with them later in my career, a combination of timing, the challenges offered, and the chance to work with some folks I know and some I have worked with in the past all contributed to my choice.  I appreciate the time and effort over the last several months that each of the other companies put into working with me to match their needs, my talents, and their opportunities!

As you might imagine, between wrapping up my previous projects and evaluating my next opportunities and challenges, I have fallen behind in posting new content for you.  Over the next several weeks, I will be posting new content, including material I have been puttering around with for a while, but as you can imagine, jumping into a new environment also presents challenges to my schedule, so please bear with me as I acclimate to my new environment.

Other Speaking Engagements

I did get an opportunity to indulge one of my other passions during the past month – speaking to the Austin North-by-Northwest job club about some of the investments that are key to long-term career management.  As per my new M.O., the presentation was extemporaneous, without PowerPoint slides, and as always hammering home some of my favorite advice about your job search.  I used examples of things that I had done that had paid off in making this job transition a matter of choice rather than one of panic and desperation, which I think made the points a little clearer.

Site Traffic

It has been so busy this year that I never got around to doing a 2011 year-end wrap-up, and here we are over a quarter of the way through 2012, so I guess that point is moot.  In the time since, several milestones were hit and went by unremarked because of how busy things have been.  In February, I completed my first 1000 days of blogging with my biggest month so far.  March blew the doors off February, with 6,809 page views, more page views than I got during my first 365 days of blogging.  Naturally, this period included my biggest week to date, by a huge margin, thanks in part to some malware that I learned how to exterminate the hard way.  But my difficulties made the lives of others easier, so, even though malware hunting isn’t my primary role, I feel justified in taking some pride.

Naturally, a post that contributes so much to the bog’s bottom line has its own laurels, as the post that reached 1000 page views the quickest – 12 days.  Three other posts joined the 1k+ page views club, and the leader of the pack, Add a Unique Auto-Incrementing Column to a SharePoint List surpassed twelve thousand page views.

Those are the highlights of the recent developments, and since I am coming up on the end of my third year of blogging, I’ll have more detailed coverage then for those who are interested.

Announcing the Launch of!

This past weekend was SharePoint Saturday Austin for 2012, Austin’s first SharePoint Saturday.

There is no doubt there will be one for 2013, given that this was rated to be one of the best SharePoint Saturday events ever.  Many thanks to Jim Bob and Matt who did a stellar job of putting together a real classy event and setting the bar for other events.

My part in this production went very well also.  My session, SharePoint Group Therapy (A SharePoint Governance Workshop), while lightly attended (hey, I was up against Bill English, and if I hadn’t been speaking I would have been in his session too!) was highly regarded by the attendees present.  So much so that I have decided to launch

The idea is to replicate, as best as possible on the web, the collaborative environment of the workshop where anyone can bring their SharePoint issues and questions and get answers from myself and anyone else in the community who wants to participate.  Unlike other existing venues, this will be focused around governance issues rather than technical ones. 

So if you have problems in your current environment, fears about implementing governance, or fears about implementing SharePoint, bring them to the SharePoint Therapist.

I’m also planning on taking my session on the road to other SharePoint Saturdays and other SharePoint events.

The Voting Is Over, And The Winner Is…

With 10 days to go until SharePoint Saturday Austin, and the Central Texas SharePoint User Group meeting this evening, it is time to close the voting and announce the winner…

In November the speaker lineup for SharePoint Saturday Austin was announced, and I was fortunate enough to have made the cut.  I had submitted two topic proposals, but there were som many great speakers that wanted to present at SharePoint Saturday Austin that each speaker was limited to a single presentation. 

So I left it up to you, my readers, to decide which topic you would rather see. 

The voting has been close, but one topic did finally pull ahead.  So now here is the topic I will be presenting January 21 at SharePoint Saturday Austin:

SharePoint Group Therapy (A SharePoint Governance Workshop)

This session is intended for Business stakeholders and SharePoint administrators. 

Do your users complain about the usability of your SharePoint?  Do you suffer from site proliferation?  Rights management issues?  Content inaccuracy and staleness?  Can you easily tell who owns the content of a particular site or list?  Do you have rogue SharePoint servers in your environment?  Is your SharePoint out of control?

Then you might benefit from SharePoint Group Therapy.

At the very least, this session will give you a free hour of group therapy, as you will have a chance to vent about your (SharePoint) problems in a roomful of sympathetic listeners.

I’ll play therapist and help move participants past their trauma and regain a sense of control through Governance.

This session is structured as a workshop, with participants interacting with each other in what should be a lively, opinionated discussion of what SharePoint Governance should be, and how it should work. 

Since the goal of therapy is to actually make things better, you should bring your questions about SharePoint Governance and aligning your business objectives with SharePoint, and I’ll try to help you get answers.

  • What problems are you having in your current environment?
  • What fears do you have about implementing governance?
  • What fears do you have about implementing SharePoint?

Participants should be prepared to share personal experiences with SharePoint governance and its absence.  We’ll talk about roles and responsibilities, stakeholder involvement, and fitting your organizational culture. We’ll also talk about changing your organizational culture using both carrots and sticks – training, enforcement and business alignment.

Business alignment can be seen as the marriage of IT and business objectives.  Every marriage has its rocky moments, and sometimes a therapist is needed to resolve those issues.  Perhaps your marriage could benefit from a little SharePoint Group Therapy?

So there you have it.  Thanks to everyone for your input, and I’ll see you next Saturday!

SharePoint Saturday Austin – You Decide!

Yesterday I mentioned the possibility of speaking at SharePoint Saturday Austin.  Not long after posting that, I got the official word that I was in!

So I’ll be presenting, but there is bad news too… I had two topics I wanted to present, but they had som many submissions that each speaker will only get one slot.  The final decision of which presentation I’ll do has not been made, and I’m giving you a chance to help decide which one it will be! (more…)

Speak Up!

At the end of September, I spoke at Launch Pad Job Club about ways to make yourself a better candidate for that new job you want.  One of the major points was to be active, to take advantage of opportunities to volunteer, raise your profile, and interact with people, whether or not you are currently employed.

In the spirit of “eating my own dog food“, I have several speaking engagements coming up. (more…)

Speaking at LPJC, Friday September 30

I’ll be speaking this Friday morning at Launch Pad Job Club.  My subject will be “What I Did on My Summer Vacation.”

No, no boring vacation photos.

Do you remember how, the first week of school, we were often required to write an essay on what we did over summer vacation?  

Being unemployed isn’t a summer vacation, but the expectation of reporting what you did while you weren’t employed (in an informative and compelling way!) is very similar to the essay requirement.

With school starting up again, and with more people landing interviews, I’m hoping you’ll find the topic particularly timely.

I will be talking from approximately 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. during the regular LPJC meeting at the Phillips Pavilion, 1504 E 51st Street.

What have you been doing since your last job?

Jim Adcock is Vice President of Launch Pad Job Club, an organization in Austin, Texas, whose mission is help people who have lost their jobs to get the skills they need to land their next job, and to help them cope with the interim between jobs. Check out other career-related entries.

SharePoint Saturday Austin – Bring the Team!

Finally, a SharePoint Saturday will be held in Austin.

San Antonio has had a couple, as has Dallas and Houston.  Now Austin gets a chance to show off its SharePoint talent, and gets the chance to bring in a lot of well-known outside talent to spend the day talking SharePoint.

SharePoint Saturday, if you aren’t familiar with it, is a free all-day SharePoint conference and party.  There will be many presentations, ranging from business user topics through administrator and developer topics.  An idea for a C-level event for executives has been proposed.  It really is an event for the whole team to learn more about SharePoint, and (more importantly) how to align SharePoint with your business goals by finding out what it can do, and helping you and your team get the tools and know-how to do it.

Saturday January 21, 2012, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, with a SharePint afterward!

Did I mention it was free?  FREE!

SharePoint Saturday Austin website
Register here!
Post it to your LinkedIn Events (here’s why)

Oh yeah, in addition to nationally and internationally known SharePoint experts, we’re focusing on bringing local talent into the spotlight too!  I’ve submitted two proposals for sessions, and there is still time for you to submit your proposal too!  If you know something about SharePoint (especially case studies or business user topics on how to get the most out of SharePoint or some specific feature), be sure to get your proposal in soon!  Visit the SharePoint Saturday Austin site for mor information!

(Don’t know what SharePoint is? First check this out, then come to SharePoint Saturday to learn more!)

More posts about SharePoint.

InfoPath and SharePoint: Business Partners @SASUG

On July 25th, I’ll be presenting InfoPath and SharePoint: Business Partners at the San Antonio SharePoint User Group meeting.

Capturing business data with InfoPath and SharePoint can be a powerful way to help your company to automate business processes.  If you are considering using InfoPath and need some guidance on what you can do with InfoPath, or you have begun to use it but have been confounded by some of InfoPath’s limitations, this session is for you.Jim Adcock will be demonstrating how to use InfoPath and SharePoint together to fulfill real-world business requirements to automate business processes and capture critical data. 

To attend, RSVP here
I hope to see you there!

An Evening of Success Stories

Next Thursday night, May 5th, Launch Pad Job Club is hosting An Evening of Success Stories as part of its 10th Anniversary celebration.

I will be one of six speakers, former jobseekers who are now successfully employed, with inspiring and motivational stories of what finally worked. Each presentation will run about 10 minutes, followed by a panel-type discussion after last speaker is finished.


Publishing InfoPath Forms to SharePoint

My articles, “Publish an InfoPath Form to Multiple SharePoint Sites” and its no-code companion, “A No-Code Solution to Host an InfoPath Form in Multiple SharePoint Sites”, have generated a lot more traffic than just about any other post I’ve made (excepting my post about a minor tweak for IE8).

Looking at the search traffic on my WordPress dashboard, I can get a picture of the kinds of things people are searching for and the information they are lacking when they click to my articles. This post is a response to your queries, and hopefully will answer some of your questions.

I’m going to start with some really basic information, and we’ll move quickly up to more complicated ideas. If you have some idea about InfoPath already, stick with me, because I think you will get some meaty info pretty quickly.

My Upcoming SharePoint Presentation for Austin PMI **SOLD OUT**

Update: The event has sold out as of Saturday, February 20.

Coming at the end of this month, I’ll be presenting SharePoint for Project Management to the Austin PMI.  Here are the details as of this moment (I’ll update any changes if they occur):
Austin PMI
Event:          PMO Local Interest Group (LIG) Meeting 
Date:            Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Time:            11:15 AM – 1:00 PM
Location:     Texas Association of School Boards,
                   12007 Research Blvd,
                   Walker-Davis Conference Center 
Format:        Presentation
Speakers:    Jim Adcock and Chris Morgan
Title:             SharePoint – Leveraging its Features and Obtaining Enterprise Adoption 


I’m Not Kathy Lansford, But I Play Her On The Stage

On Friday I’ll be stepping in for Kathy Lansford as her understudy.

Since LaunchPad Job Club was formed, all the way back in 2001, Kathy has only taken breaks in the dead week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  She’s due for a vacation, and I’m stepping in to to take her place for a week so she can take that well-deserved break.

Now, I know that even if I don a wig, low heels, and prop a pair of glasses on my head, I won’t be able to replace her, even for one week, so I won’t even try.  But I will try to abide by the guiding principles she’s developed over the years for LPJC meetings:


The RIGHT way to use Twitter – #TweetCampSA

Everyone seems to agree that there is a right way and a wrong way to use Twitter.

One thing I learned from TweetCamp San Antonio is that no one seems to be able to agree on what exactly the right way consists of.


Using Twitter to Advance Your Career

I just finished up presenting a talk on using Twitter to advance your career to a crowd of 268 people at Launchpad Job Club.

What a great experience!  I even learned something at the presentation.

With only a few minor bobbles, I think it went pretty well overall.

(Links after the cut)


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