My career in technology


What is this Blog about?

The why’s and wherefore’s of this blog are explained in my Manifesto (of sorts).

On this blog, you’ll find things I know about:  SharePoint, general technology items, social media, and career development. 

  • SharePoint (and .Net web development) are my stock-in-trade, the toolsets with which I do what drives me – making other people’s work easier, more effective, more efficient.  I know quite a bit about SharePoint, and I’ll try to tell you everything you ought to know about what I know.
  • Occasionally, I’ll learn something helpful on more general or less categorizable technology subjects, so I’ll post that.
  • I’m interested in Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, podcasting, etc), as how people communicate and connect with each other has a big impact on how we work and live.
  • Especially in the current economic climate, career development subjects (including how to get a job) are important to everyone.

I’ll also talk about what I am doing in those areas, and how you can get involved, too!

Yes, I want to brag about what I know, so that when someone says “SharePoint”, my name is the first one you think about.  But I want to do it in such a way that you get value from it too.  I want to help you make things easier, better, more effective for yourselves.  And I will do it in a way that is ethical and transparent.

I try to post only if I have something significant to say.  If I have updates to a post, I’ll add them to the comments for the entry, unless there is enough significant change to warrant a new entry.

Why “dlairman”?

Prior to my technical career, I managed a comic book store called Dragon’s Lair for 8 years.  If you look at the URL for the store’s website, you will see that it is  As the manager for so long, being the “d. lair man” was a big part of my personal identity for a long time.  It is also an unusual handle, so I never have had to remember multiple usernames because mine was always available.  (Remembering multiple passwords, of course, is another matter!)  Though I no longer manage the store (and the store is in a new building, and I have never worked with any of the current staff), I am still a customer there, and feel a strong connection with the store. 

What’s this “spam guy” thing about?

Well, I can reassure you that I don’t send spam.  Apparently, I am spam!  It’s a great story, and I enjoy telling it.  Ask me the next time we talk directly, and I’ll be happy to tell it to you!

About the Author

Jim Adcock is a SharePoint Administrator, Analyst and Developer in Austin, Texas, with a passion for helping make things better for people.

This passion has led him to a role as Vice President of Launch Pad Job Club, to writing about his experiences and understanding here on Working It Out, as well as at The MetaBlog Blog and, and to public speaking about career management and SharePoint (though usually not at the same time). He has previously held a leadership role in the Austin Software Process Improvement Network, and is active in the local user group community, helping to promote community involvement and engagement as an essential part of career success.

He also feels very awkward talking about himself in the third person.

You can find out more about Jim Adcock at his LinkedIn profile, or check out his resume.  You can follow him on Twitter.  And, if you really need to, you can e-mail him by sending it to his first name at his last name dot net.

He also has an occasional food blog.

Copyright Notice

All material posted on this blog is copyright by me (unless stated otherwise).  You are encouraged to quote extensively from this blog as long as it includes a link back to the source.  You may not republish any article in its entirety (or enough of its content that it gives the appearance that republication is your intent) without express written permission.  AND YOU ABSOLUTELY MAY NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR MY WORK OR IMPLY THAT IT YOUR WORK.  You are welcome to use any code provided on this site to assist you in your education in how things work, but no warranty about its use is expressed or implied – in other words, if something goes wrong, don’t come looking to me!  That said, I enjoy helping people and to the extent I am able, as a show of goodwill and community spirit, will try to provide whatever assistance I can in trying to understand what went wrong and what to do to prevent and/or remediate the situation.

I love your feedback, and encourage you to respond to my posts.  While you retain copyright to your comments, by posting comments to this blog you expressly give me the right to modify your comments for clarity or to remove inappropriate comments, and to use your comments to promote my work (through republication, extracted quotations, etc).  My responsibility to your copyright is to not misuse your comments in a way that misrepresents your views (like taking a comment that says “I’ve never seen a better example of trash!” and quote it or clarify it as “I’ve never seen a better example…!”), honoring your request to withdraw a comment, and to negotiate with you fairly over any changes to your comments.  (Realistically, I’ve only ever edited a couple of comments, for spelling IIRC, so it’s not much of a thing.  I’m just spelling it out.)

Comments on: "About" (1)

  1. Hi Jim,
    Well, this is an interesting turn up for the books – my professional life is crossing over with my personal life. No, no, don’t frown so – it’s not like that. 🙂
    I keep a personal blog, which happens to be on WordPress and which features my various writings. I mostly post articles (writing tips / well-being), short stories (mainly flash fiction) and poetry (mostly rubbish, but I have my moments). I’ve just started an MA in Creative Writing, so there is going to be a lot of new material going on there over the next couple of years.
    Anyway, my other side (the left-brain side) goes under the title of ‘Software Designer & Developer’ and it’s in this guise that I came across your blog. I’m currently doing some work with InfoPath and SharePoint and so when I came across your article about adding a unique auto-incrementing column to a SharePoint list I was very glad to see it.
    I know that this isn’t the usual kind of comment you get on your blog because I can see (from the lack of comments here) that your usual Followers are left-brains. The kind of blog I write and generally frequent is chatty and friendly, because right-brains are more into people and connections rather than just taking what we need and asking questions when we don’t get enough.
    Having read your About, though – I would say that you are a balanced kind of guy and so I reasoned that you might appreciate this comment. Who knows, we might even become buddies. 🙂
    So, in conclusion (finally – right? 🙂 ), I thought I’d take this opportunity to say ‘howdy’ (’cause I know that’s how all Texans speak – yes?) and say thanks for your blog, Jim.
    Hope you have a great day – Robert (York, England).

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