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I recently had an opportunity to lead an effort to create an upgrade plan for a company that was on SharePoint 2007 and wanted to take advantage of the features of SharePoint 2013.

Last night, at the Austin SharePoint User Group meeting, I presented an overview of the process of creating the plan, as well as a look at some of the plan documents – the proposed project schedule, recommended security options, system and information architecture recommendations, and lists of decisions the governance committee and other stakeholders would need to make.

The presentation went very well, particularly because the audience of about 30 had excellent questions during and after the presentation, which led to some lively discussion.

The Title

Movin’ On Up came from the theme song from the television show The Jeffersons.  The 1970’s situation comedy was about an affluent Black family who moved into a more upper-class neighborhood than they had been living in previously. Much of the show revolved around characters not really knowing how to deal with their new neighbors. They were used to things being a certain way, and were uncomfortable adapting to the changes introduced by the Jeffersons’ newfound upward mobility.

Similarly, I felt that the client was going to have some discomfort during the upgrade process, as the users got used to new ways of doing things, and dealing with change. Consequently, a significant portion of the middle of the presentation is a rough draft of a presentation for the kickoff meeting with the stakeholders, to get them onboard with the upgrade plans and invested in its success.

The Presentation

If you have any questions or comments, ask in the comments below!


Comments on: "Movin’ On Up – A SharePoint 2013 Migration Case Study" (8)

  1. Thanks for sharing this Jim. Sorry couldn’t be there in the user group meeting.

  2. Great presentation and great speaking skills. You impressed me. 🙂

  3. Great stuff, Jim! Thanks for sharing! Was there a reason you pushed ‘alerts’ over the new ‘follow’ feature? Although I’m guessing this could very well have been a discussion point or demo during your presentation. Keep up the great work, cheers!

    • Primarily because the organization had difficulty with “social” but understood the value of alerts. That they could wrap their heads around.

      • I suspected as much….I predict we’ll run into the same challenges within my organization.

  4. […] be presenting Movin’ On Up – A SharePoint 2013 Migration Case Study (the session I presented in August at the Austin SharePoint User Group) at next week’s SharePoint Shop Talk. If you […]

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