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Upcoming Presentations

I have two upcoming presentations in Austin.

On August 14th, I will be presenting Movin’ On Up – A SharePoint 2013 Migration Case Study at the Austin SharePoint User Group

Zachry’s SharePoint environment is a lot like many others – invested in a customized SharePoint 2007 implementation, and was never quite ready to implement 2010.

In the meantime, some content was put on SharePoint Online to address external collaboration needs, and a pilot SharePoint 2010 implementation became the official records center. Business users needed more relevant search results, content databases had grown uncomfortably large, and access controls had become spaghetti. Fortunately, site sprawl wasn’t too bad… except the reason for that was low adoption.

SharePoint 2013 arrived to a perfect storm – business and technology needs to be addressed, content that needs to be brought back in-house, and user adoption that needs to be improved. Time to upgrade!

See how Zachry approached the upgrade, the issues than needed to be addressed, and the questions that needed to be answered.

Wednesday October 16th at Innotech Austin I will be presenting on at topic aimed at business users, TBD – I will either be running my SharePoint Group Therapy Governance Workshop, or I will be presenting a demo of BCS for Business Users.

I hope to see you there!

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