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I have a success story to share with you.  While I played a role in this story, it was Brigitta that made it happen.

She wrote this to Launch Pad Job Club:

I wanted to share a truly amazing success story!  I am still pinching myself and find this story quite unbelievable…

I was laid off on Friday the 13th of April (referred to by me as the black Friday 🙂 ) and have relentlessly sought employment since.  I consider myself to have a pretty good business network but when I lost my job I got little traction out of my network so I embarked on endless networking meetings, happy hours, countless online applications , connecting with old friends – so basically reaching out to everyone I knew to let them know I was looking.

I was not getting any results so when October rolled around I came to a point where I realized I had to do something different.  I received one of the job club e-mails and noticed that someone by the name Jim Adcock was reaching out to the group to let members know about IT job openings.  I noticed that he worked at a company I have always admired and wanted to work for, for a very LONG time.  I had applied to a project management position listed on their website a while back and had not heard anything back so I decided to do something I have never done before, I sent a total stranger (Jim) an e mail, introduced myself and flat out asked if he could help me out by routing my resume to the hiring manager.

Honestly I didn’t expect to hear back from him but I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best (worst case scenario he would file a restraining order against this crazy person (me) 🙂 ).  Sure enough Jim wrote me back the same day and said he would absolutely help me out. I couldn’t believe it! A couple of weeks passed and I heard nothing from the company.  Jim and I connected again and I told him I had not heard anything regarding my application.  He asked me to resend my resume and lo and behold, the very next day I got a phone call from one of their recruiters to see if I was available for an interview the very next day (thankfully I was able to squeeze them into my busy unemployed schedule on that short of a notice 🙂 )

Within a week and a half I started as a temp with a contract until the end of the year, for the next two months I am going to pour everything I have into this gig to make sure they consider me if they do indeed open up a full time position in Jan, 2013.

I have landed the gig of my dreams which I can thank Jim and the job club for – there are no words that can express my gratitude! I finally met Jim face-to-face on my second day at work and had the chance to thank him!

With much gratitude – Brigitta

To tell you the truth, I did very little.  Not knowing Brigitta well enough, I couldn’t recommend her (as I do when advocating for people I know).  The best I could do was send her resume directly to the correct person and say “Here is the resume of someone you might have overlooked for the open position.”  But sometimes that is all it takes.  Especially if you have:

  • Verified you are actually qualified for the position you are applying for
  • Crafted your resume to best reflect your experience
  • Customized your resume to match the job

She had done the hard work to lay the groundwork for success, but then she took that extra step – she stepped outside her comfort zone and asked for help from a stranger.  You will likely be pleasantly surprised  – people like to be helpful!

And one more thing… Once you get a job (or if you have a job), be sure reach back and offer to help those who haven’t gotten there yet.  They may not realize that you are there to be asked!

Jim Adcock is Vice President of Launch Pad Job Club, an organization in Austin, Texas, whose mission is help people who have lost their jobs to get the skills they need to land their next job, and to help them cope with the interim between jobs. Check out other career-related entries.


Comments on: "Get Out Of That Comfort Zone – A Success Story" (3)

  1. Jim,
    Let me add one more thought. It is important to keep everyone in the loop when someone has helped you and at the very end — Say THANK YOU!

    The only thing you got out of this is a good feeling that you helped someone. Please go back and thank everyone that helped.

    • Excellent point! Not only does appreciation help create or confirm the relationship between the helper and the helped, it reinforces the helper’s decision to give the help, and helps them contine to be helpful to others.

  2. Love this story, Jim! Thanks for sharing.

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