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SharePoint folks (at least the ones I know) tend to have a sense of humor and are entertaining to be around. Perhaps it is the intelligence needed to work with the complexity of SharePoint (a quality you share, of course), or maybe SharePoint drives people who work with it too much a bit nuts.

As Exhibit A, I give you SharePint. By dropping the “o” in SharePoint, we have a social event to follow the technically focused events like the user group meetings, SharePoint Saturdays, and other conferences. And while “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas“, what happens at SharePint ususally ends up posted all over Twitter. This year’s SharePoint Saturday San Antonio was followed by a particularly raucous SharePint. Fun times.

By contrast, Exhibit B can be experienced in the privacy of your own home (or wherever you are browsing from). At the most recent Austin SharePoint User Group meeting, presenter Tom Resing warmed up the attendees by playing this video of Dux Raymond Sy (@meetdux)

Then Tom encouraged all present to follow Dux’s lead… and this is what ensued:

Yes, there I am attempting to dance “Gangnam Style”.

Call it “SharePoint Style”.


Comments on: "You Don’t Have To Be Crazy To Be A SharePoint Expert, But Sometimes It Helps" (4)

  1. As a postscript, the 2012 SharePoint Conference (#SPC12) in Las Vegas featured a number of appearances by Dux doing his Psy impersonation (in costume) and Gangnam Style flashmobs (both planned and impromptu). Here is a taste of SPC12 Style:

    And, yes, that is me atempting to dance Gangnam Style at ClubSPC. Neither video has me doing the part of the guy in the elevator, though… (thankfully)

    (And you know Gangnam Style has jumpped the shark when the geeks at SPC are doing it!)

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