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Three Years Ago Today

I started Working It Out three years ago today.

This is true in both the literal sense (starting a blog named Working It Out) and the metaphorical sense as well (for more information on that, see my recent post Don’t Just Get A Job, Build A Career (Lessons Learned Building a Career, Part Three of Infinity)).

My third year of blogging has been an exciting time. 37 new posts and pages, bringing my total to 125. Over 45,000 page views, bringing my total to 67,701 (not including the over 1000 spam clicks). A lot of great stuff happened to make those numbers happen. My series on SharePoint Governance debuted and was republished on NothingButSharePoint. The success of that series led to the creation of, by way of my SharePoint Group Therapy sessions at SharePoint Saturday Austin and SharePoint Saturday Houston. I did quite a bit of other public speaking, both on SharePoint and career management, and I wrote a lot about my presentations. The success of the Year Two post Add a Unique Auto-Incrementing Column to a SharePoint List led to two follow-up posts.  And a couple of run-ins with malware yielded two surprisingly popular posts.

When Year Two ended, only one page had over 1000 hits. Now 15 are on that list, and one of those has over 10,000 hits.  Three of those 15 were written during Year Three.  Here are those top 15 posts:

Add a Unique Auto-Incrementing Column to a SharePoint List 13,487
Limiting SharePoint Workflow Due Dates to Business Days 3,658
Error: SharePoint List – Cannot Edit in Datasheet, Export to Excel, or Import Spreadsheet 3,487
Publish an InfoPath Form to Multiple SharePoint Sites 2,959
Resume of Jim Adcock 1,923
Protecting You From “Internet Security (Designed To Protect)” 1,888
Automated SharePoint Site Provisioning Solution – Act Four (…They Will Come) 1,623
Use Calculated Columns to Close Technical Gaps in SPD Workflows – Another Solution 1,590
Error: The website declined to show this webpage HTTP 403 1,430
Auto-Increment Workflow Screenshots 1,380
Automated SharePoint Site Provisioning Solution – Act One (The Setup) 1,308
SharePoint Governance – Why? 1,222
Tweaking IE 8 1,191
SharePoint Site Administrator Can’t Give Permissions? 1,168
“Hacking” the URL 1,041

While Year Three was my fastest growing year to date, I didn’t break my best day ever, set in October of 2010 (unless you add in the hits on… then launch day beat my high score by nine hits). I did, however, have several biggest weeks and months:

  • Ten weeks during year three beat my record of 1116 hits in October 2010. The current record is now 2114 hits in a week, set during March 2012.
  • I’ve beaten the monthly record set in October 2010 in June of 2011 and every month since October 2011. My new record was sent in March of 2012, with 6809 (clean) hits, more than double the October 2010 record.

Of the 125 posts and pages on the blog, 120 of them got at least one hit. 63% of my posts and pages had a hit in the last 30 days, down from 76% during the last 30 days of year two. As time goes on, it is inevitable that older posts will go stale, but 63% relevance is still excellent.

I’ve also made 17 posts at my other blogs during the same period, with 2067 resulting page views.  Most of that traffic was from the six posts and pages at SharePointTherapist.  More will come from that direction as I start to ramp up posting questions from the therapy sessions.

So what can you, as a reader of Working It Out, expect during Year Four?  I’ll be wrapping up my run of career-related posts for the moment, then off again on SharePoint topics.  I’ve ben converted to a diciple of PowerShell for SharePoint, so you can expect to see a lot of PowerShell scripts for administering SharePoint.  More interesting and possibly unusual SharePoint errors and the configuration mistakes that cause them.  And I’ll be posting a lot more to SharePoint Therapist, starting with questions asked at my most recent session.


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