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Living Under A Rock?

If so (or if you aren’t currently deeply integrated into the SharePoint community), you haven’t heard SharePoint 2013 (aka SharePoint 15) is coming…  (cue the theme from Jaws)

Microsoft has released preliminary documentation on Office 15 and SharePoint 15, and the analysis has begun. 

I’m very pleased with the material coming out of Understanding SharePoint Journal.  Bjørn Furuknap is doing a great job providing insight into the released documentation, and the two issues he’s released so far have helped me to better understand the released docs.

Based on the available information, it looks like we’ll see the beta versions of Office 15 and SharePoint 15 available in June of this year, with the release of the full versions in time for the SharePoint Conference in November (and this time, what happens in Vegas will certainly not stay in Vegas!).

If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend the USPJ series (and it’s only $15!) to help you understand what is on the horizon for SharePoint.

I’m excited!

In compliance with my policy, the endorsement of the USPJ series on SP2013 is based solely on personally finding value in the content.  I have recieved no compensation for this endorsement.


Comments on: "Living Under A Rock?" (2)

  1. I find this title a bit misleading, to be honest. I have anxiously been awaiting any news regarding a new release of SharePoint but there are very few sources, and very little information.

    I’m curious why there is no official word from MS on proposed feature enhancements and so forth, especially with a beta looming in the summer.

    • I’m sorry you were disappointed.

      Yes, right now there is very little information – 10 months left of a 3 year development cycle is 28%, so it is unsurprising that there is still little hard and clear information at this point.

      We do know that an early beta has been released to select users as a Technical Preview, and MS has released the documents I linked to. The Technical Preview users are under pretty heavy NDA, since the final feature set is in part dependent on the outcome of the Technical Preview, and MS still need to finish developing the thing. There won’t be final feature lists for a while yet.

      Even when SharePoint 2010 was in public beta, there were features that hadn’t been fully baked yet, and things that changed.

      That said, go through the linked docs. There is a wealth of information about what MS plans to have in the new version. If they are clear as mud, the $15 that the USPJ series costs is probably money well spent (I sure thought so, and continue to!) for getting clarity.

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