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Yesterday I mentioned the possibility of speaking at SharePoint Saturday Austin.  Not long after posting that, I got the official word that I was in!

So I’ll be presenting, but there is bad news too… I had two topics I wanted to present, but they had som many submissions that each speaker will only get one slot.  The final decision of which presentation I’ll do has not been made, and I’m giving you a chance to help decide which one it will be!

SharePoint Group Therapy (A SharePoint Governance Workshop)

This session is intended for Business stakeholders and SharePoint administrators. 

Do your users complain about the usability of your SharePoint?  Do you suffer from site proliferation?  Rights management issues?  Content inaccuracy and staleness?  Can you easily tell who owns the content of a particular site or list?  Do you have rogue SharePoint servers in your environment?  Is your SharePoint out of control?

Then you might benefit from SharePoint Group Therapy.

At the very least, this session will give you a free hour of group therapy, as you will have a chance to vent about your (SharePoint) problems in a roomful of sympathetic listeners.

I’ll play therapist and help move participants past their trauma and regain a sense of control through Governance.

This session is structured as a workshop, with participants interacting with each other in what should be a lively, opinionated discussion of what SharePoint Governance should be, and how it should work. 

Since the goal of therapy is to actually make things better, you should bring your questions about SharePoint Governance and aligning your business objectives with SharePoint, and I’ll try to help you get answers.

  • What problems are you having in your current environment?
  • What fears do you have about implementing governance?
  • What fears do you have about implementing SharePoint?

Participants should be prepared to share personal experiences with SharePoint governance and its absence.  We’ll talk about roles and responsibilities, stakeholder involvement, and fitting your organizational culture. We’ll also talk about changing your organizational culture using both carrots and sticks – training, enforcement and business alignment.

Business alignment can be seen as the marriage of IT and business objectives.  Every marriage has its rocky moments, and sometimes a therapist is needed to resolve those issues.  Perhaps your marriage could benefit from a little SharePoint Group Therapy?

The Calculated HTML column

Learn to take advantage of a Content Editor Web Part script that converts calculated columns into easy-to-read visualizations of project status, company performance metrics, and other data stored in SharePoint Lists and libraries.

The intended audience for this is managers and business analysts with a basic level of knowledge of HTML and Excel functions, or for managers and BA’s without that knowledge who just want to see what is possible in SharePoint. 

I’ll be demonstrating how to create inline HTML in SharePoint lists for a variety of purposes, using a calculated column to generate the HTML based on values in the list item properties.  This HTML can be used to display graphical dashboard information in the SharePoint list itself.  I’ll show how we actually use this ability in our environment to track task and project status.

You’ll see dynamic gauges, progress bars, and status icons, as well as graphical images used as hyperlinks to relevant information.  I’ll present real-world use cases for each of these graphical displays, as well as some best practices for managing the use of the script. 

(This presentation is based on solutions created by a power user in the environment I work in, which he drew from blog posts found here).

So which will it be?

Submit your opinion, and I’ll pass the results on to the folks running SharePoint Saturday Austin!

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