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I got a question from a user about checking multiple documents in to a SharePoint library at the same time in our soon-to-be-replaced SharePoint 2007 environment.

If you click “Site Content and Structure” under Site Actions, then navigate to the library you are trying to manage, you should be able to select multiple documents and check them in or out.

Obviously, you need to have adequate permissions to get access to the “Site Content and Structure”. 

The user did have the requisite permissions, but when she tried to check the documents in, nothing happened.  Oh, SharePoint appeared to think about it for a bit, it returned no error messages, but the documents remained checked out.

To be specific, and perhaps you may begin to get a glimmering of where the problem was, the documents had been bulk copied into the document library from a file share, using “Open in Windows Explorer”.

It turns out, as you might suspect, that there were metadata fields in the library.  Fields that were required.  Fields that had no data, since the files were dragged and dropped.

The easiest way for the user to resolve this was to generate the metadata in a spreadsheet, open the library in the Datasheet view (“Edit in Datasheet”), and update the fields using copy-and-paste, then going back and bulk checking in the documents.

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Comments on: "Quick Fix – Check Multiple Documents In And Out From A #SharePoint Library" (5)

  1. Wondering if SP2010 will make it a little more user-friendly for contributors to bulk check-in. The permission level issue is not insignificant for an enterprise implementation.

    • I’ll have to check on SP2010 (we’re piloting that at this point, and I haven’t done a lot with permissions yet in 2010), but my guess is that, to get into the site content and structure tool, it stands to reason that you’ll need design priveliges – it really is for redesigning site structures more than anything.

  2. Laura Bergh said:

    Hi Jim,

    Do you have an answer to this question yet? Has Microsoft managed to fix this bug with SharePoint 2010? Or do we have to use third party tools?

    • It isn’t really a bug, its a feature. 🙂

      You should not be able to check in documents without providing all of the required metadata. An error message with a description of the problem would be helpful though.

      If you upload documents into a library using Explorer, you will need to make sure all required fields either have default values or have been filled in before you can check the documents in.

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