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My series on SharePoint Governance has been reprinted on EndUserSharepoint.

Over the last several weeks, Natasha Felshman over at has been reposting my series, and doing a great job of catching my occasional typos. I appreciate all her efforts to get the job done well!

I’m pleased that so many have found my experience developing a governance plan for SharePoint worth reading, tweeting about (and reposting)!

You can read the series either here or on EUSP, but read them you must!

Read the whole series on SharePoint Governance:
Part One: SharePoint Governance –
Working It Out  EndUserSharePoint
Part Two: SharePoint Governance –
What is it?
Working It Out EndUserSharePoint
Part Three:  SharePoint Governance –
vs Organizational Culture
Working It Out EndUserSharePoint
Part Four: SharePoint Governance –
Your Plan, on a Silver Platter  
Working It Out EndUserSharePoint
Part Five: SharePoint Governance –
Law & Order
Working It Out EndUserSharePoint

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  1. […] to make those numbers happen. My series on SharePoint Governance debuted and was republished on NothingButSharePoint. The success of that series let to the creation of, by way of my […]

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