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I ran into an issue where a user wasn’t seeing an important web part on a SharePoint page…

On one of the main pages of our SharePoint site, we have (among other things) two web parts… which one a user sees depends on which Global Audience the user is a member of, using Target Audiences for the web part. This user was not seeing either web part. Obviously the issue had something to do with the Audience he was a member of.

As a side note: the user’s report was that they didn’t see a particular link on the page. To try to understand what the user was seeing, I asked them to send me a screenshot. This helped me to understand that they weren’t seeing the either web part. I’ll be doing a follow-up post on understanding what the user is experiencing.

As I had inherited this site and had not set it up, I needed to investigate how the audiences were set up. In Shared Services in Central Administration (Central Administration >> SSP >> Audiences >> View Audiences >> (Select an Audience) >> View Properties), I found that the Global Audiences were keyed off a property imported from Active Directory.

When I looked at the membership of the Audiences (Central Administration >> SSP >> Audiences >> View Audiences >> (Select an Audience) >> View Membership), I could not find the user.

Ah-ha! Obviously, the particular field the Audiences were keyed off was empty in the user’s AD profile. Off I went to talk to one of the domain admins to get the user’s info corrected in AD.

Except, the field did have data in it… and it was correct data! The user should have been a member of the Audience that would see the web part (and consequently, the link). Now what?

So I had the domain admin check the rest of the AD profile. And we found a field that should have been filled in and wasn’t… the e-mail address. Apparently lacking the e-mail address causes the profile, when imported into SharePoint, to be unavailable for audiences.

Once that was corrected, I re-imported the User Profiles (Central Administration >> SSP >> User Profiles and Properties >> Start Full Import), and once that was completed I re-compiled the Audiences (Central Administration >> SSP >> Audiences >> Start Compilation).

I asked the user to browse to the page, and they were able to see the link!

So if a user fails to see something that they are should that is targeted to specific audiences, make sure all of their profile information is filled in (and correct).

I'm an overachiever this week.

For this week, anyway. We'll see what happens going forward.


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  1. […] screenshot of what the user was seeing, I understood that the problem wasn’t the link per se (see the blog post for the full story) and put me onto what the actual problem was […]

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