My career in technology

Nearing the conclusion of my daily series revealing the “secrets” to a successful job hunt.

Last time I re-revealed the thing you must always do. Today I re-reveal another secret, how to answer the big question…

Secret #6: Stay Involved In Your Career

With the extra time left from applying to fewer jobs, there is nother thing you should be doing while out of work. You need to stay involved in your career field.

I can almost guarantee you will be asked in any interview you get, “What have you been doing while you’ve been unemployed.” And I guarantee that, if you do get that question, “Looking for work” will not be a satisfactory answer. What can you do to give a satisfactory answer?

I’ve already revealed this secret in two posts on the subject, so if you haven’t read them, that is your task for today.

Next – Stop hiding!

Or, go back to the beginning of the series.

Jim Adcock is Vice President of Launch Pad Job Club, an organization in Austin, Texas, whose mission is help people who have lost their jobs to get the skills they need to land their next job, and to help them cope with the interim between jobs. Check out previous career-related entries.


Comments on: "Secrets of the Successful Jobseeker – Part 6" (2)

  1. Suggestion: Create a section in your resume that accounts for the hiatus time. I called mine “Additional Recent Activities”. Besides jobhunting activities, I listed projects and ongoing volunteer activities. Some of the projects pertained to home improvement and repair (specific items), blogging, special activities pertaining to prof org volunteer activities (transitioning site to CMS, salary survey). The activities included time frames as applicable.

    The hiatus info is an accounting of time for potential employers, but also a reminder to myself. It served (serves) as a bulletin board for me to work on other activities past, present, and future. (I have been working since late July, but my update has been low-keyed thus far.)

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