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Once again, continuing my daily series revealing the “secrets” to a successful job hunt.

Yesterday I debunked a myth about the job hunt. Today’s subject is “Less Is More”.

Secret #3: Less Is More

How the heck are you going to do all of that for every job you apply to? Apply to fewer jobs!

Only apply to jobs that you can document that you actually qualify for.

This would seem to be a no-brainer. However, in the desperation to get a job, any job, you start telling yourself things like “They aren’t really serious about requiring that qualification…”

Make sure you are applying for only what you really want.

That same desperation can drive you to apply for jobs you don’t really want. I’m not talking about going all prima donna. And there is something to be said for going after a survival job to keep food on the table. But the fact of the matter is that you will be more effective going after something you really want, and less effective going after something you don’t.

I know you don’t want to overlook any opportunity to get out of the awful situation of being unemployed. I’ve been there. But in most cases it isn’t worth it, putting time and effort into an enthusiasm-handicapped act of desperation that feeds into your own worries that you might not be able to get a decent job.

Of course, it does require that you know what you want

Here is the first payoff: if you are applying to fewer jobs, you will have more time to do a better, more thorough job on each application, which will increase your chances of actually landing the interview and, eventually, the job.

Second payoff: if you are only applying to jobs you really want, your enthusiasm will show in the application and the interview.

Third payoff: if you are only applying to jobs you are really interested in, you will be happier in that job!

I would be remiss if I did not present the other side of the argument on this one. While I don’t agree with her, I can see the merits of Catherine Jewell’s contrary point of view. But I still think you are better off being focused and motivated.

Applying to fewer jobs also gives you more time for…

Secret #4, “What You Must Always Do“… Next!

Or, go back to the beginning of the series.

Jim Adcock is Vice President of Launch Pad Job Club, an organization in Austin, Texas, whose mission is help people who have lost their jobs to get the skills they need to land their next job, and to help them cope with the interim between jobs. Check out previous career-related entries.


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