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#SPC09 is finally here, and with it, all of the details about SharePoint 2010.

The SharePoint Conference, held this week in Las Vegas, is the focus of the world’s attention (if you set the value of  “the world” equal to the subset “everyone interested in SharePoint”).  Until today, the details of much of the new version of SharePoint were subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements, so the people with access to the early versions of the program, the details of the development, and feature lists were prohibited from speaking about what they knew.

With great fanfare, starting with a keynote speech by Steve Ballmer, the wraps came off and new features were revealed.

And it looks really good. Wildcard searches!  Simplified BDC (now called BCS)!  Relational data! Improved reporting and logging!

From several states away, I can still feel the excitement of the SP2010 launch.  With the keynotes streamed live on the ‘net, and the Twittersphere all a-twitter, it’s almost like being there.

In fact from this distance, its more daunting than being there.  If I was there I would only be able to attend one session at a time.  But watching the #SPC09 Twitterstream and reading the blog posts ans they are posted, its like drinking from a firehose.  Details from all of the sessions, coming at once, as fast as the tweets and posts can be read.  What happens in Vegas, at least this week, is NOT staying in Vegas!

For those of us who can’t get to Vegas, coming October 27 is the San Antonio SharePoint User Group meeting where attendees of SPC will brief the rest of us on what they saw and heard and learned.  Close on the heels of that is SharePoint Saturday San Antonio, November 14, an all-day free event covering as much SharePoint 2010 as can be crammed into the event location!

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