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Just a quick post today. 

One of the important things for a job seeker skill holder to remember about their elevator pitch when writing it is to avoid jargon.  If you aren’t aware, you should have a 15-30 second statement about who you are and what you do, hopefully with something memorable, a hook, to interest your listener or make you memorable.  In my case, I want people I meet in networking situations to think of me whenever the subject of “SharePoint” is brought up. 

But SharePoint is such a big application with so many different uses and functions that it can be difficult to describe in that short time, especially if the listener is unfamiliar with SharePoint.

Well, Microsoft and CommonCraft have created a short video that explains what SharePoint is and some of the things it can do for those who don’t know.  It’s quick, informative, and even a bit entertaining.

It is similar to another CommonCraft video, explaining Twitter.  Great job guys!

New: Video posted in the comments below!

More posts about SharePoint.


Comments on: "Ohhhhh! So that’s what you mean!" (5)

  1. SharePoint in Plain English

  2. Twitter in Plain English

  3. […] Jim Adcock is a SharePoint Administrator, and blogs about SharePoint at his main blog, Working It Out. […]

  4. Thank you Jim for the good info on resume writing. Everyone should bone up on this subject, although I hope I don’t have to in the traditional sense, now that I am submitting writing and photography samples. I would like to become better in these skills also!

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