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On Friday I’ll be stepping in for Kathy Lansford as her understudy.

Since LaunchPad Job Club was formed, all the way back in 2001, Kathy has only taken breaks in the dead week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  She’s due for a vacation, and I’m stepping in to to take her place for a week so she can take that well-deserved break.

Now, I know that even if I don a wig, low heels, and prop a pair of glasses on my head, I won’t be able to replace her, even for one week, so I won’t even try.  But I will try to abide by the guiding principles she’s developed over the years for LPJC meetings:

  • Humor!  I have to take it easy on everyone as my sense of humor… well, lets just say everyone who knows my sense of humor is breathing a sigh of relief right now.  But one of the first principles of LPJC is keep things light and upbeat.
  • On that same note, no whining and complaining.  If you want to do that, do it on your own time.  The Job Club has work to do.
  • And just what is that work?  Why, sharing the wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and connections shared by the LPJC membership.  As Kathy says, “In this room is the smartest, most talented, best looking group of people you can ever hope to find!”

This is what Kathy sent out to the LPJC mailing list regarding the meeting:

I will be on vacation this Friday. Jim Adcock, member of the LPJC Meeting Management Team, will preside over the meeting.

I wanted to choose a very special speaker for the week I will be gone, someone who will provide you with exactly the kind of information you need to help you in your job search. That person is Sheryl Friesz with 17 years experience as a corporate technical recruiter in Silicon Valley. Before that, she ran her own staffing company for 5 years. Most recently, she founded and operated her own consulting firm.

Sheryl will be discussing the job search process from both sides of the desk, explaining how a recruiter finds and hires talented people. She will also talk candidly about the issue that seems to confound the Austin jobseeker: the salary question.

Sheryl will make her presentation during the regular Launch Pad meeting Friday, August 21, from approximately 10:30-11:30 at the Monarch Events Center, 6406 I-35N. Don’t forget, new members should come at 9:30 for new member orientation.

And I will be contributing my positive attitude, and as much of the things I’ve learned while trying to get a job and get my career on track as I can fit in the time I’ll be on the stage.  Particularly, I’m going to be sharing one of the results of my volunteer activities and my involvement in my professional community, and one of the most important lessons I picked up from Kim Brushaber’s ConnectionCampthis week, which I will be blogging about soon.

Will the capable help of the rest of the Meeting Management Team (hey guys, our group has a name!), and the example, the inspiration and the wisdom learned from Kathy, I’m sure I’ll do her credit. 

Come watch the fun!

Oh, and be sure to bring the name of a target company to the meeting….

Jim Adcock is Vice President of Launch Pad Job Club, an organization in Austin, Texas, whose mission is help people who have lost their jobs to get the skills they need to land their next job, and to help them cope with the interim between jobs. Check out other career-related entries.


Comments on: "I’m Not Kathy Lansford, But I Play Her On The Stage" (18)

  1. Mark Coats said:

    Thank you, Jim, for stepping up. (Note: Betty White post is spam.)

    • Nah, it is a link autogenerated by WordPress to other WordPress content. In this case it is wildly irrelevant to the topic at hand (but probably based on the phrase “play her on the stage” and “understudy”).

      It can be annoying, but on occasion I have seen links to relevant content, so that is all good. And I have to admit to being the beneficiary of autogenerated links on someone else’s blog directing traffic to me, so all in all, I’m OK with it.

      As to the actual content of your comment (gee, yeah, shouldn’t I respond to that too?), I’m glad to do it. I get a real charge aout of helping make this easier and better for everyone, so I may get more out of it than everyone else, though I will try to give as good as I get.

      The only sad thing is that I have been there long enough to be able to step up and do it….

    • You want to know what is really weird? Of the 40 people who read the entry today, three people clicked on the Betty White link. You never know!

  2. You are stepping into some big (yet technically tiny) shoes! I know you will rock the house. Kathy certainly deserves a much needed vacation. Hardest working lady I know! Love Launch Pad

  3. (As an aside, now the Betty White link is gone and no one will understand the reference from here on out.)

    So I ran the LPJC meeting today, and according to everyone I spoke to afterward, it went pretty well. (The biggest mistake I made was with the cookies – sorry, everyone, for the melted state of the cookies – I forgot they were in the box of stuff Kathy gave me and left them in the trunk of my car. In Texas. In the summer. Chocolate covered cookies of various varieties. As I said, sorry folks!)

    But not everyone stopped by after to tell me what a great job I did, so I want to know – what did *you* think? Give me some feedback here!


  4. Great job Jim. One problem with the theater location is the stage is too dark. Could not see anything that Sheryl was writing on the board. I’m not suggesting blinding stage lights but there must be some way to brighten up the stage each week.

  5. Pam Tobias said:

    Jim, you did an excellent job filling in for Kathy this past Friday. You kept the meeting flowing smoothly. You used humor to keep it light hearted and interesting. We all love and miss Kathy but she should know if she wants another vacation that we’re in good hands with you. Thanks for all you do for LPJC!

    • Thanks, Pam! I’m glad to do it. Helping Kathy has been great, not just stepping in for her, but the act of helping make things better for everyone each week; it makes me feel great to make a difference where I can.

  6. Beverly Pierce said:

    You did an awesome job Friday at LaunchPad! I don’t know if people realize how hard it is to talk to a group of 285 people. The technical difficulties can be easily dealt with. If you need help with it let me know. The flow of the meeting was good and there wasn’t any part of it that was not keeping our attention. You did a great job Jim! Glad I was there to gain all the great information to help with my job search! I appreciate all you do to help make the LaunchPad such a great place to remind us that there is more than resume’s and networking to the job search, reminding us to laugh and laugh often is a very important ingredient too! Keep up the good work Jim!


  7. Bill Mace said:

    You did a fine job of emceeing the meeting. As a Toastmaster though I think you need to speak a little slower. Your speaking voice is excellent, clear and you are understandable. Just go a little slower!
    I agree with the others about the long announcements. Too bad you can’t use the Gong Show format…but the announcements were pertinent and there were folks taking notes. I think we also must always do the new member intro….it is good for all.
    Thanks again for taking the role of meeting chair….I enjoyed the entire meeting. Sheryl is a very good speaker. No notes and everything flowed logically. See you Friday.

    • Thanks Bill! I did feel compelled to try to rush a little because I felt things were dragging a bit, and being a bit nervous didn’t help… I’m glad my speed didn’t impair my clarity, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye on my speed the next time I am presenting.

      Out of curiosity, did anyone feel I was speaking too fast during my Twitter presentation back in June?

  8. Newton Hammet said:

    Hello Jim,

    You were excellent. Good sense of humor and good delivery over all. The soggy cookies detracted not all from this fact.

    I might have been the lone complainer about the cookies. Hey that happens! As an experienced shopper and delivery person of cookies to our own household, what I do (and this is because I live way out in the tulewalds) is put the cookies in an ice chest with a bag of ice at the bottom of the ice chest, but this may be overkill for LPJC cookies.

    Keep up the good work and I hope to see you presenting some more. You are good at it. (I don’t remember you ever speaking too fast)


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