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(This promotion has expired)

Remember the review of Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review?  Here is a follow-up to that:

I wanted to let you know about a special offer that Smart Bear will be offering for a limited time in July.  They are selling 5 licenses of their Code Reviewer online code review tool for only $5 – for 5 days only –  July 13-17, 2009.

Code Reviewer is a lightweight version of their flagship product, Code Collaborator.  (More information about Code Reviewer)

They recently released version 5.0 of both products, so this is sort of a 5.0 for 5 users for $5 for 5 days deal.  It’s sort of their own economic stimulus plan, knowing it’s hard for many companies to find budget for software right now, and they tell me they want to help energize small teams in their own special way.

‘There is also a webinar as well on July 15th:

Can you do peer code review without meetings, printouts, grunt work, and wasted time?  The answer is:  Yes!

See how Code Reviewer, a lightweight version of Code Collaborator, handles the busy work of peer code review so that you can focus on what’s really important: reviewing and discussing your team’s code. Tune in to this webinar to see how Code Reviewer is ideal for smaller teams with smaller budgets.

And finally this interesting item from Smart Bear:

One last thing: We’ll donate all the money we collect from this promotion to a worthy software startup to help them weather the storm too.



Full disclosure time:

OK, to start with, when I decided the theme(s) of my blog, I knew I wasn’t interested in making it a place to flog products.  Point people to free resources, be a free resource, yeah, I’ll do that.  I’m not here to sell other people’s stuff.  Frankly, this blog is to help sell me – what I know and and do for other people.

My review of Smart Bear‘s Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review book came about because of a convergence of three factors: first, the book was free (I picked it up as I wandered past the Smart Bear table at the Door64 Tech Fair); second, I was interested in the topic and the topic seemed right for exploring on my blog; and third, I had some offline time while waiting for my car to get fixed.  It wasn’t until after I had posted the blog that I ran into Door64 founder Matt Genovese at a BridgeATX event.  He recommended I make sure that the Smart Bear folks had seen it.   They had seen it, and offered me a thank-you gift (a smart-looking Smart Bear shirt) which I accepted.

Subsequently. while prepearing for their 5-day promotion, the folks at Smart Bear asked be to put a notice on my blog.

Both because I’d initially decided not to make this blog a promotional tool for other’s profit, and because I had already accepted a gratuity (after the fact) for my book review, I was initially mildly disinclined to participate.  The deciding factor for me in favor of publication was this – there has been considerable interest in my review since I published it.  A lot of people are finding my blog by searching on terms like “peer code review”.  Since the interest is out there, I’m willing to pass this info on, as I think there are quite a few people who might benefit from it.


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  2. Smart Bear has given the stimulus money to a startup called Infochimps. Details on the Smart Bear blog:

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