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I just finished up presenting a talk on using Twitter to advance your career to a crowd of 268 people at Launchpad Job Club.

What a great experience!  I even learned something at the presentation.

With only a few minor bobbles, I think it went pretty well overall.

(Links after the cut)

Here are the links in the presentation:

Find Your Community (Blog)

Twouble With Twitters (Video)

Tweetdeck (Application)

Twitter’s got versatility (Article)

All You Need to Know to Twitter (Article)

The One Thing Twitter Forces Us To Do (Blog)

Using Twitter and Facebook To Find a Job (Article)

Why Twitter has Jumped the Shark  (Blog) (What is “Jumping the Shark“?)

Jim Adcock is Vice President of Launch Pad Job Club, an organization in Austin, Texas, whose mission is help people who have lost their jobs to get the skills they need to land their next job, and to help them cope with the interim between jobs. Check out other career-related entries.


Comments on: "Using Twitter to Advance Your Career" (15)

  1. Oooo, a new doom for Twitter…

  2. FYI – One change was NOT made to the posted presentation file regarding a point that I have since learned about. In the presentation I mentioned that there was no setting on the Settings page to choose specific individuals to send their tweets to a mobile device (cell phone, etc). You can only choose all, nothing, or private messages.

    Since I have little desire for my phone to buzz all day with messages, I only went through the setup of my cell phone to get screen shots for the presentation, since my solution won’t be the solution for everyone.

    During the presentation, I was told by an audience member that, once you have configured a mobile device, you can choose to have an individual’s tweets sent to your phone on an individual basis. That choice is on each user’s page as part of the follow button.

    I reconfigured my Twitter to include my cell info, and sure enough, on every user’s page is the option to have their tweets sent to my phone.

  3. A question was asked at the end of my presentation on Using Twitter to Advance Your Career about comparing Facebook and Twitter.

    After giving it some thought over the weekend, I wanted to expand my answer somewhat.

    Superficially, the two are similar… short status messages about what you are doing or thinking, that can be posted or read from/to a variety of devices and applications, but centered around a website. However, Facebook, like LinkedIn, requires mutual consent to “friend” or “link”. Twitter does not (though there is an option to block a follower, there are several steps to blocking someone, including a warning that blocking someone is a big deal), making it a more open platform for connecting to potential business/job contacts. You can follow almost anyone.

    There are a number of other differences as well. Twitter doesn’t do all the “Facebook apps”… the how-well-do-you-know-(insert name here), what-kind-of-muppet-are-you timewasters. Of course, you can use Twitter to send links to those kind of things, but the fact is that Twiter is more stripped down, focused on communicating.

    That said, both can be used as tools in connecting with people to communicate more about yourself, in pursuit of a job or improving your career. Since not every problem is a nail, you don’t want a hammer to be the only tool in your toolbox. Using “what works” is what works.

  4. I’m still learning about Twitter, something new every day.

    Want to know more about hashtags?

    Their front page has a list of hashtags used in the last 6 hours, in order of their popularity. You can click through to a list of the recent tweets and the tag’s usage over the last month.

    Remember that hashtags (keywords preceeded by the # sign, for example #iranelection, #sharepoint, #jobs) are used to identify tweets about a particular topic.

  5. And another new item – Tweetdeck has added support for multiple accounts! Yay!

  6. A lively discussion of Twittter being used to propagate malware is going on the Door64 bolg –

  7. I’ll be at Tweet Camp San Antonio #TweetCampSA on July 18. Wanna come?

  8. Good stuff, Jim.. I’ve built the network, now the challenge is to find things to tweet about!

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